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Lime Scooters

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Lime admits to e-scooter fault which locks up wheels at speed, causing 'excruciating' injuries

Nicole Lawton16:15, Feb 07 2019




Lime has admitted that a glitch is causing an unknown number of e-scooters in its New Zealand fleet to randomly brake mid-ride, sending passengers flying. 

It happened to Auckland's Chris St Bruno, whose resulting "excruciating" injuries required three days in hospital and 10 weeks off work.




"My accident alone has cost the country thousands of dollars. Hospital stay, ACC payments and now physiotherapy."




Like I said, Ban the bloody things!

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Lime e-scooters ordered off Auckland streets over wheel-locking issue



Kimpton said there had been 155 "irregular braking incidents" reported across the country, 92 of which were in Auckland.




And the ACC Levy Payers, that's you and I and most of New Zealand (compulsory levies on wages, fuel etc etc) pay for the treatment of the injuries and compensate those injured for lost earnings etc!


I totally agree .... BAN LIME SCOOTERS!

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Lime e-scooters off Auckland and Dunedin streets over wheel-locking issue

Caroline Williams and Oliver Lewis20:07, Feb 22 2019





"We have been clear with Lime representatives that the equipment used on our transport network must be safe for use," Kimpton said.

"The safety of people using e-scooters and those that share the environment with them is our number one priority.

"While we appreciate the amenity that e-scooters offer as an innovative transport solution, safety is not negotiable.

"We want to solve this. We want action."

Lime had also assured the council that it had followed up with those injured, Kimpton said.


> "We want to solve this. We want action."


Totally agree, Ban the bloody things!


Issue solved!

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Found this excellent opinion on another site that I need to share with everyone


The writer is Chris



Lime Scooters Public

Chris Ellison from Te Awamutu

WOW! Over half a million dollars paid out by ACC for injuries put down to the Lime scooters. I hope the businesses concerned are being billed for that lot. I can't believe the Auckland Council allowed them to carry on renting them out for so long. I don't believe they belong on footpaths or on the road. I suppose that as always it will take a serious injury before the authorities close them down permanently. If an elderly or a young person gets hit, it could well be a fatality. I have always understood that footpaths are for foot traffic. (Freedom scooters excepted). No skates, skate-boards, scooters or bicycles, but it seems that over the last 20 or so years it has become open slather for anything that does not require a licence or registration being used on our footpaths. It's bad enough here when school comes out and it becomes a free for all down Alexandra St with bicycles etc. Come on Government, Councils and Police, put an end to the stupidity that has taken over our footpaths.




I hope the writer will consider joining this forum and sharing his views and opinions about, not only Lime Scooters but ACC as well.


ACC operates on a No Fault system.

To cut to the chase, it's the NZ ACC Levy Payers that foot the injury bills including E.R.C (earning related compensation)


My opinion is that if a product and or service used in NZ is proved/known to cause any level of injury, the importer/manufacturer/service provider should be required to pay a huge percentage of the cost of the ACC claim and charge their clients/customers extra money which goes direct to the ACC Levy Payers fund/account to off-set costs associated with the injury causing whatever.


An example - NZ tobacco/cigarette smokers pay an extra tax on any tobacco product which I believed was to help the District Health Boards look after smokers when/if their health deteriorates


The same system could also work on Lime scooters.


The more people use them, the more money goes into the ACC levy payers account/fund.


Why did Lime not cease hiring out these scooters everywhere as soon as they became aware of the issue?


One, maybe Two "Brakes Locking" issues should have been enough for LIME to hit the pause button until the serious issue was fixed and tested!


Since Lime Scooters suddenly appeared in NZ I have been waiting for that breaded News Flash that a person has been killed while using a Lime Scooter!


I hope I never see the day.


Just a note, Its no use asking some users/riders of the Lime Scooters to slow down and ride responsibly some wouldn't give two hoots on how many old folk and kids they hit - some more than others think they're indispensable when riding a lime. Until its too late. sadly next is rip



I'll try and make contact with someone at Lime and invite them to join and participate in these discussions.


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Don't forget that here in NZ we can't sue anyone for causing injury


We apparently gave up the right to sue way back when Rob was in control.


In return he gave us the ACC - a fairer system to the injured party - yeah right!


3 Billion is it?


ACC have an estimated three (3) Billion NZ Dollars in their bank account!


Levy Payers money that should be used to rehabilitate injured people to same level prior to injury


Its not happening!


There are still hundreds and hundreds (1000's to be honest) of genuinely injured individuals in NZ that end up being assisted by WINZ when ACC declines claim or interferes with assessment process to exit claimant from their rightful entitlements way before client actually medically fit and no longer requires help from acc!


ACC merely transfers their obligations to winz.


ACC is funded by a Compulsory ACC Levy on just about everything in NZ which nearly everyone pays in some way or another

WINZ is funded by the NZ Tax Payer.


The NZ Tax payer is helping the ACC get richer and richer


Meanwhile WINZ is always asking the NZ Govt for money to help keep going


We're actually paying to be compulsorily covered in two ways.



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