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ACC made 802,099 payments totaling $131m for medi

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Sara said ACC needed to learn how to better deal with people like Stryder. 

"Like a number of people who have had unhappy dealings with ACC, they get mad as hell and that can lead to ... nothing less than warfare."

ACC defended the figure, saying the value of its integrity unit "intervention" was calculated based on claim history modelling. 

In the financial year to June, ACC made 802,099 payments totalling $131m for medical assessments. 

ACC used lawyers for about 10 per cent of review hearings due to "legal complexity, the precedence value of the issue, indications the client intends to progress the matter to court, and the workload of our people". 

Sara said hiring lawyers for reviews only inflamed the situation and put claimants in an unfair position.

"Once you've got a lawyer involved, every case has to have a lawyer. 






Yeah right!


ACC is represented by lawyers at MOST of the review and appeal hearings.

If they are busy they use the telephone - speaker phone



ACC made 802,099 payments totaling $131m for medical assessments


Some of ACC's toadies must be doing very well, extremely well!

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