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Basic FlowChart

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Basic FlowChart

Reproduced from ACCprotection.com - We believe the designer/author of the basic flowchart is Alan Thomas. Thank you





It seems to me that a rapid response should be available in every given circumstance and scenario.

Something like an airliner is vastly more complex than the ACC and all the injuries it ever encounters.  In this situation there is the manufacturers handbook which would be the equivalent of the ACC Act.  This describes every different components and specification necessary for the plane to be safely rehabilitated back into the air in the event of damage, where or tear.  In the circumstance of a pilot flying that plane high up in the sky and something going wrong he has to Solve that problem quickly and efficiently.  He reaches for a flight manual that provides a quick reference to all of the circumstances that he may face and within moments run through various procedures to keep the plane flying.  Aircraft engineers on the ground have similar types of manuals, yet more extensive, to address various problems whereby they have a quick an authoritative reference that is Going to reliably rehabilitate the plane.

The ACC has an annual budget not very far behind that of NASA yet what technology does the ACC possess to access quick and authoritative answers to all given circumstances?

If not why not?

The starting point to this type of technology is often something like a flowchart.



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