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Accforum.nz administrators and moderators


There are thousands of injured people in New Zealand

Some, if not most, are getting absolutely f--ked around by the ACC.

ACC hope they will give up and go away.

Most of those injured people search google in the hope of finding some help.

Google spits out accforum.org so injured person goes and takes a nosy.

Injured person says to thy self "this forum looks good maybe i'll find some help/support/advise here"

So injured person signs up.

When injured person logs in for first time injured person sheits thyself!

Injured person again says to thyself "WTF have we got here? Is this place here to assist injured people in NZ or is it here to destroy injured people?

I did not hang around accforum.org and then found this website on google just after it went online a few years ago - accforum.nz

I'm gutted that previous members stuff was lost when changing to this great looking newer version but hey, its a new year so start fresh.


This new forum is supposed to be secure (the little green padlock up there in the website address area ... if thats right then that's another big tick compared to other place.


Thank you to this forums owner for making it available for everyone including me and other past or present accforum.org members .....

ACC and it's very long gravy train (which includes specialists, assessors etc) should start getting worried again. That other accforum has lost the plot ages ago - this forum is going to be the new thorn in ACC's big corrupt arse!


By the way accforum.nz that registration is so so quick and easy.


Let's get busy and start educating everyone that works at and for the ACC!




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