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School Bullies in NZ

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Pukekohe High School reveals medical details to bullies

James Baker14:16, Jun 07 2019


A 13-year-old student is afraid to return to class after high school staff revealed sensitive medical details to the bullies that were tormenting her. 

When Susan informed Pukekohe High School her daughter was being bullied, she thought they would protect her.

She contends that for months her daughter Claire, had been harassed by a group of five girls.

But after dozens of phone calls and two meetings with school staff Susan became increasingly frustrated.


"I was told during the second meeting my daughter 'needs to grow a spine'."




I've just quoted a small part of that story and suggest if you haven't read the full story on the Stuff website then you will not see the reason why I'm about to give my five cents (increased from 2 cents to five cents because of inflation) on this, and the bullies on this Internet commonly known as cyberbullies!


If a student is bullied at school and their parents contact the school to lodge a complaint then the school should immediately investigate the allegation/s and also contact the parents of the alleged bully or bullies and if the bullying continues the parents should be charged with allowing their children to bully/harass another student.




I have and still are being targeted by one cyberbully.


Whilst I was a member of another online forum that discussed ACC issues, I, along with a number of other members were straight-out accused of being involved in an conspiracy to have that forum's alleged owner/administrator arrested and charged with a criminal offense - read all about it here NZHerald - ACC bomb plot: Plans for van blast


Alan Thomas has much to be ashamed of.


He also had a prior criminal conviction for which he served a jail sentence for.


He allegedly allowed his forum to become a kangaroo court so-to-speak where a select group of that forum's members, including myself, were Criminally Harassed day and night from the time (or there about) the Police turned up at his front door in regards to what he was charged with!


For us members that were accused of being involved anything we wrote in our defense did nothing to stop the filthy abuse, slander, threats, stalking, intimidation etc that we were subjected to!


I am extremely proud to have been among some very good people on that forum (most of whom are now members of this new & safer - moderated - forum).


As soon as the "Attacks" started some members began to investigate as to who was behind all the personal attacks - to cut a long (and very interesting) story short, it was soon established as to who this cyberbully or bullies were.


It all began with a person on that site who uses the "user name" of "David Butler".


Not really sure if that is his or her real name but the same member is known to use many many usernames on that forum. "Snoopy" and Hemi" are two of many that he has.


Another person exposed as being (allegedly) involved in that kangaroo court was this person - From the NZHearald - Man accused of suppression breach

and here -


Blogger dodges prison over court suppression breaches, harassment campaigns NZHerald 26 Jul, 2018 1:10pm


From that unsafe forum I quote the following


It seems the long time troll is starting to pay the price for on line offending. this the first case in a long line of people who are now having their day in court.

He caused a lot of misery to a lot of people with his on line harassment, including many on this site.


and this one


karma works in wonderful ways doest it??

with a response from Alan Thomas


Do you think he caused a lot of misery to my accusers Douglas weal, Kenneth Miller and David Butler? Do you think his comments regarding these people were well deserved?
By any chance do you think he committed any offence to any actual laws with regards to those three in connection with the way in which they conspired to make false allegations against myself and achieved a conviction by way of planned perjury and provision of the course of justice by way of death threats between Douglas weal and David Butler in connection with information David Butler had that the courts instructed to be brought into the courts in order that the three could be questioned under oath?

and another from Alan Thomas


You would have to be as silly as a man woman with diarrhoea to believe karma is a real thing.
However by your comment is plain to see that you are a vengeful type of person.

I keep on asking you what possible reason could you have to connect me with the individual being addressed in this site but you have not yet provided one shred of information or evidence to even to begin to imagine anything yet somehow your mind has become so as arranged and twisted as to think that I am some way connected with these lunatics been discussed on the site



And this one




Advanced Member

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Posted 09 September 2018 - 12:53 PM

Alan Thomas, on 09 September 2018 - 11:05 AM, said:

Neither you nor anyone else was ever close to any action. You are just a lonely old guy who lives in a bus



Hemi, on 09 September 2018 - 01:13 AM, said:
oh deary me
getting angry and all you can do is abuse

close to the action
of course we were-have you on recording confirming it all

YOU AND THE INITIAL ones who set the site up were the catalyst for what ensued




If I were in a much better financial position than what I find myself being in since being fucked around and scammed by the ACC I would have taken legal action against those above mentioned on that accforum.org


To this day Alan Thomas continues to write his verbal diarrhea.


His forum should be seized by the Court as it is nothing else but a totally dangerous website while Thomas is in control of it!


Thousands of incriminating posts have already disappeared from there.


It appears Mr Thomas is totally crapping himself at the possibility of again appearing in a criminal court!


On Criminal Harassment charges and for allowing others to use his forum for criminal harassment activity etc!


And so he should be!

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