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Christchurch Terror attack & ACC

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Please Help

What are victims of the Christchurch Terror attack entitled to receive under the ACC?


ACC are referring victims to NZ Victims Support saying that's why the GiveAlittle page was setup.




Family rebuilding their lives after father and son died protecting others during terror attack

Charlie Mitchell20:34, Apr 05 2019


Her husband and her son were not only beloved members of the family, they were also its breadwinners.

It has complicated life after their deaths.

This week, Ambreen has interrupted her mourning by chasing ACC, looking to find out how much compensation she is eligible for. She said she had struggled to get answers, and as of Friday, was still unsure. 

Until she knows, she is unable to look for a new house to rent, because she doesn't know how much she will be able to afford. She said she was lucky to have close family members to support her. 

She had herself worked until Talha landed a job as a civil engineer last year. He had wanted to provide for the family, so his mother could look after Ayaan.

His income, along with the money her husband earned as a business teacher, was all the family had. Now, they have nothing. 

She is willing to return to work, but has just become a single parent to her five-year-old son. 

"Going back to work would be neglectful for him," she said.

"We don't want to be on benefits – for our self-esteem, it's hurting. It's not good for us."



Any help would be very appreiated


Thank you


Abdul M

Edited by Abdul
added address of article quoted

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Help Please


Are there any good persons out there who can guide me (and others effected) through the ACC process

I am sure we as the victims are entitled to ACC as we all live here.


Surely there are some knowledgeable people here that can help guide us through the process?

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I was originally guided to another ACC help forum but chose not to ask for advice on that place because someone wanting help with his fraud against ACC was abusing the member, a barrister I believe, for trying to help him!

I know this is a very new forum I hope it is much better then the other one.

I am not interested in being abused so I come here.


Please can anyone give some guidance in what ACC should be providing.

Why are ACC telling people to go to Victim Support?

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Good morning Abdul


What should the New Zealand ACC be providing?


Thank you for asking the question in your first post above.


Moments ago I was just a visitor here and after reading your post I quickly registered as a member so I could get involved.


I'm hoping more people, including the New Zealand and International Media organisations will get involved.


I read this story in the Stuff Media site yesterday


Victim Support announces plans for remaining $7m for Christchurch terror victims

Charlie Gates12:43, May 10 2019



I have yet to find anything in the media as to what the NZ ACC are doing to assist everyone that were and still are very much effected.


Does anyone know? How about NZ ACC, can your media person join and post here what involvement ACC have had so far and what is there in the future for everyone/anyone effected by the events in Christchurch?

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I expected the ACC to have made a press release and found it on their website




Support available to victims of Christchurch terror attack

Released 18/03/2019

Our no-fault scheme covers everyone in New Zealand if you're injured in an accident. The scheme covers children, beneficiaries, students, if you’re working, unemployed or retired. It also includes visitors to New Zealand if they're injured while they're here.

Whether you've been injured in the Christchurch attacks or have lost a loved one, we're here to help. We'll work with you and your family to make sure you get the help you need - whether you live in New Zealand or overseas. 

How to get support

If you’re in hospital, the staff there will have submitted an ACC claim for you. They'll provide you with the treatment you need and we'll be in contact with you shortly. 

If you've been injured, or are a family member of someone who has been injured please get in touch with us, so that we can explain and organise the support that’s available. You can: 

Visit us at the ACC Christchurch branch:
BNZ Centre, Level 2
101-111 Cashel St
8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday

Phone us on 0800 080 273  
International callers, phone +64 7859 8678 

Email us at christchurchresponse@acc.co.nz

Support available if you've been injured

If you've have been injured, as well as paying for your medical care, there are a number of ways we can support you while you recover. This includes: 

Compensation for loss of earnings – we pay up to 80% of your income as weekly compensation if you' can't work because of an injury we cover

Help at home –  we can provide support with cleaning and looking after your home while you're injured and support with personal care activities such as showering and dressing 

Childcare – we can support with caring for your children while you're injured. Help is available at home or at a play centre or kindergarten. We can also provide care to help an injured parent with tasks they can’t do for their child because of an injury, for example dressing and washing 

Counselling – we can provide counselling and mental health support if it's needed 
Anyone experiencing distress who needs support can access help via the National Telehealth Service:
Free call or text 1737 any time
More about 1737     

Ways we can support your recovery  

Weekly compensation - getting paid if you can't work 

Support available for families who have lost a loved one

Helping with funeral costs

We pay a funeral grant of up to $6,219 towards funeral and memorial costs. This is topped up by the Ministry of Justice to a total of $10,000 for victims of murder. You don’t pay any tax on this. You can choose to have the funeral or memorial in New Zealand or overseas.

Survivor grants for families

A one-off tax-free survivor’s grant is paid to the deceased's partner, children, and dependents. We'll pay:

 $6,668.03 to the partner

 $3,334.04 to each child under 18, or other dependents.

If the child or dependent is under 16, this money will go to their parent or caregiver. If the deceased had children living in New Zealand, those caring for the children can get weekly payments to help with childcare.  

Ongoing support for children in New Zealand

If the deceased had children, families can get weekly payments to help with childcare for five years or until the child turns 14. The amount depends on how many children under 14 are being cared for.

You won’t pay tax on these payments, but it may affect help you get from Work and Income. If the child has a disability, we can see if payments can continue for longer.

Paying for loss of income

If the deceased was earning an income in New Zealand when they died, you may be able to get compensation for the loss of that income to support the family. We pay up to 80% of what the deceased was earning.

This money is available to support the deceased’s spouse or partner, their children and, may be available to their parents or other relatives who were dependent on them. If a dependent lives overseas, they may still be able to receive payments. Payments depend on people’s circumstances. 

Financial support if someone has died 




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The March 15 attack robbed Naeem of husband Naeem Rashid, a banker-turned-teacher who was awarded Pakistan's highest gallantry medal after he was killed trying to tackle the gunman, and Talha, 21, her eldest boy.

She moved out of her old home in Riccarton soon after, seeing youngest son Ayaan cry as he clutched his father's glasses too much to cope with. She now lives in Ilam with her 5-year-old and older son Abdullah, 19.

Payments from the IRD, Work and Income and ACC leave her with less than half what the family earned before.

"It's hard to manage power and everything with that money, ........."




Payments from Work and Income (WINZ), ACC, and IRD "leave her with less than half what the family earned before."


There is also the $10 million plus Victim's Support got from the Give a little appeal.


So who is getting help from Victim's Support?


Sounds like no-one is!

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On the TV3 AM show this morning


ACC declining claims re the Christchurch Terror Attack


Can link be found and posted here.

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