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Ken Miller, the very first founding member of the original accforum(.)org sadly passed away after a long illness, a consequence of his injuries, on Thursday 30th August 2018.

This new/upgraded website/forum - accforum.nz -  is dedicated to Ken Miller.

He helped many claimants and never asked anything in return.

Rest in peace my friend.


This website is set up for persons who have been disadvantaged by the ACC.


Peer to Peer Support


Please note that our website, including the forums, are provided free of any cost, to allow any motivated ACC clients and Claimants Lawyers, Claimants Advocates, Claimants Support People etc to assist other motivated ACC clients with issues that may fall outside each of their individual scope of knowledge and experience in specific ACC related issues.


It is intended to have our new forum fully operational as soon as possible. Until then please make use of what is on offer.


If you encounter any issues with the site and or have any suggestions for categories etc then please get in touch.


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ACC bomb plot: Plans for van blast

By Edward Gay

5:30 AM Tuesday Jul 26, 2011




The pair met through a website where ACC claimants discuss their cases in an online forum.


I would like to make it clear to visitors to this forum that the "forum" mentioned in the above media report was NOT ACCforum.nz


The forum mentioned is ACCforum.org


Thank you


Fran Van Helmond


Cambridge 3495


New Zealand


Registered owner of the domain names accforum.nz + accforum.co.nz


Contact cellphone number: +64 27 -

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We monitor ACCforum.nz 24 hours per day 7 days a week.



ACCForum NZ - provides a place for anyone seeking quality and informative information that could possibly help them navigate all the crap being flung at them by the ACC who are hell bent on not providing the goods and services anyone in New Zealand is entitled to if injury occurs!

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This site has been established on the principles that everyone has an equal opportunity to have their say whether it be questions for purposes of help or answers for the purpose of helping. Claimants Lawyers, Advocates, Support People/Organisations are also very welcome to be part of our community.


> Registration

1 Sign-up by completing the registration form

2 Confirm your email address

3 Welcome. You're now part of our community

4 Any feedback & suggestions genuinely considered


> Optional

 Do you want to be Verified as to being who you really are in the real world?

5  Contact the administrator

He will let you know what to do to get Verified

6  Get verified

Being a Verified Member shows guests and members that you are a real person behind the user-name




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