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We are not in any way associated with the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC).
The use of the ACC name is solely for the purpose of identifying the organisation that members of this forum are discussing.

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Found 5 results

  1. winnergrinner


    Hi Mark I hope you are doing better and back home now. Our legal timeframes of 3 months doesn’t mean it takes that amount of time for a decision to be made. We will always issue the decision as soon as we have the information required. Your clinical advice was completed today, so we have been able to confirm a decision today. We have not been able to accept a disc prolapse resulting from the accident on 22/2/2017. I have posted a letter with the clinical advice attached. When you receive this have a look and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Kind regards,
  2. winnergrinner

    acc wankers

    omg now I have to fight acc again 4 a lumbar disc prolapse, this was submitted in April and they gonna take till October to make a decision bloody muthafukers so I can see another review coming, now im pissed
  3. Capt Black Leg

    acc supplying a vehicle

    ACC has agreed to purchase a new vehicle for me. Great. I've been through all the assessments that were required, and reports x 2 were sent to ACC. I started the process in late January, we are now we are halfway through May and still no vehicle. I've only recently received a decision letter with a list of the vehicles that I don't fit and I've been given a list of unrealistic conditions. Due to my needs, I need a 4x4 or a 4x2. Now the problem is the conditions are so restrictive I can't find anything. So I have to find a Holden Colorado ( the best of a bad bunch), no older than 2014, under 50,000 kms and the limit of $ 30,000. I've found nothing at all for that price range. I have found a few just over the 30k mark, but ACC will not budge, no flexibility. Has anyone had these problems?
  4. ACC spent six months and $17,000 fighting a Wellington stroke victim's claim https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/111866009/acc-spent-nine-months-and-18000-fighting-a-wellington-stroke-victims-claim In some cases ACC have spent much much more fighting injury claims! And lets not forget that the money they spend fighting injury claims comes out of the ACC Levy Payers Fund account! Your money!