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    Lime Scooters

    Don't forget that here in NZ we can't sue anyone for causing injury We apparently gave up the right to sue way back when Rob was in control. In return he gave us the ACC - a fairer system to the injured party - yeah right! 3 Billion is it? ACC have an estimated three (3) Billion NZ Dollars in their bank account! Levy Payers money that should be used to rehabilitate injured people to same level prior to injury Its not happening! There are still hundreds and hundreds (1000's to be honest) of genuinely injured individuals in NZ that end up being assisted by WINZ when ACC declines claim or interferes with assessment process to exit claimant from their rightful entitlements way before client actually medically fit and no longer requires help from acc! ACC merely transfers their obligations to winz. ACC is funded by a Compulsory ACC Levy on just about everything in NZ which nearly everyone pays in some way or another WINZ is funded by the NZ Tax Payer. The NZ Tax payer is helping the ACC get richer and richer Meanwhile WINZ is always asking the NZ Govt for money to help keep going We're actually paying to be compulsorily covered in two ways. eh
  2. Sappho

    Lime Scooters

    Lime e-scooters off Auckland and Dunedin streets over wheel-locking issue Caroline Williams and Oliver Lewis20:07, Feb 22 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/110806313/lime-escooters-ordered-off-auckland-streets-following-safety-concerns > "We want to solve this. We want action." Totally agree, Ban the bloody things! Issue solved!
  3. Sappho


    This accforum has been very quite since the upgrade was completed. I'm thinking that the criminal activity that is still active over at the old accforum is frightening away those who are genuinely seeking help/advice. When people put two and two together they will realize that this forum is in no way associated with the other accforum. God bless
  4. Sappho

    Caption this image

    German chancellor Angela Merkel says "What am I to do? ACC in NZ have asked if I want Germany to join up to their by invitation only ACC's Injury cover declined Scams Affiliate Program during private talks with President Obama 😮
  5. Sappho

    Sensitive Claim

    You will need to visit the Cassandra Complex website. www.cassandracomplex.org.nz They are more qualified and knowledgeable to advise you with the process and the help/support the ACC give to Sensitive Claims clients. You could also contact the appropriate Helpline, take a look through these contacts http://www.accforum.nz/index.php?/nz-247-helplines/ Cheers
  6. Sappho

    Great advice

    That's really great advice. Thanks for sharing that with us. Here is something I grabbed off a website somewhere long time ago. Who-ever thought of it and made it is a very clever person. Who-ever that may be, Thank you for sharing it.