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This forum is dedicated to the memory of Ken "Tomcat" Miller R.I.P. who sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018.


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  1. silverfox

    unfit then fit then unfit

    We pay both compulsory ACC levies and Income Taxes here in New Zealand. ACC transfers their legal responsibilities onto WINZ Much like moving something to the "lets save some more money" basket With the assistance of the contracted Medical Specialists/Assessors and the GPs (who are creaming it on the ACC gravy train The ACC's bank account at WestPac is growing by the millions every day Current balance in ACC's savings account is .... 3 billion dollars MONEY THAT SHOULD BE USED TO GET INJURED NEW ZEALANDERS BACK TO WORK AND NOT TO GIVE THAT PICKERING (and others ) ANOTHER PAY INCREASE! ACC CEO Pickering already gets over $800 thousand dollars a year for fuking us claimants over!
  2. silverfox

    test post

    yep hopefully this thread will get munted by those who can make that happen when that posting stuff some are having is fixed.
  3. silverfox

    test post

    can i post?
  4. silverfox

    Why we are here

    When reading what you wrote I suddenly remembered seeing a link to this forums media center and taking a look. As well as a new forum we'll have extra impact by way of a spokes person or whatever they call themselves. That's certainly going to attract the most free media coverage exposure which in turn will attract more visitors seeking help or to offer help.
  5. silverfox

    The $8m ChCh doctor Dr Bill Turner

    Crown prosecutor Anselm Williams said there had been a high level of trust that Dr Wright's invoices would be accurate and reasonable. He was not asked for receipts. ACC didn't ask him for any receipts! ACC require the claimant to provide receipts! Did ACC require receipts from ALL their contractors after Dr JW was caught out? If not why not?
  6. silverfox

    Lime Scooters

    Lime calls for e-scooter riders' support with app campaign after Auckland Council ban MELANIE EARLEY17:02, Feb 23 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/110815486/lime-calls-for-escooter-riders-support-with-app-campaign-after-auckland-council-ban I have had a change of heart after reading some more info on Lime Scooters. Only if they fix the injury causing bug in their software and agree to pay all costs inured by ACC and others as a result of being injured while riding a Lime Scooter they should be given another chance - also if NZ Govt brings in the 10k an hour speed limit to stop the hoons from killing themselves or someone else! They also need to pay their taxes and gst on all hires.
  7. silverfox

    Lime Scooters

    Smirnoff Vodka pokes fun at Lime e-scooter glitch in new billboard https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/110814040/smirnoff-vodka-pokes-fun-at-lime-escooter-glitch-in-new-billboard
  8. Found this on the Stuff website Auckland mother-of-two pushed her youngest out of the way before being hit by runaway trailer Kendall Hutt08:00, Feb 09 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/110459604/auckland-motheroftwo-pushed-her-youngest-out-of-the-way-before-being-hit-by-runaway-trailer This lady is very lucky to still be alive. Now she, her husband and their family have ACC in their lives. Maybe down the time line a way she may be so good and let us know how the ACC have and are treating her.
  9. silverfox

    Lime Scooters

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/110333215/lime-admits-to-escooter-glitch-which-locks-up-wheels-at-speed-causing-excruciating-injuries Lime admits to e-scooter fault which locks up wheels at speed, causing 'excruciating' injuries Nicole Lawton16:15, Feb 07 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/110333215/lime-admits-to-escooter-glitch-which-locks-up-wheels-at-speed-causing-excruciating-injuries Like I said, Ban the bloody things!
  10. silverfox

    Lime Scooters

    ACC pays out $200,000 for electric scooter-related injury claims https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/109866925/acc-pays-out-200000-for-electric-scooterrelated-injury-claims Ban the bloody things!
  11. silverfox

    Test Guest Question

    😪 Most of them just walked away and have never dared venture anywhere close to that once very powerful ACCforum ever since! Yes, many of those individuals were very knowledgeable when discussing ACC and their ongoing antic's! This ACCforum NZ has been around sine 2014 2015 ish. Totally agree, this new site is absolutely fresh and 100% user friendly.
  12. Can I trust anyone at the ACC to manage my injury file in an honest way?