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We are not in any way associated with the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC).
The use of the ACC name is solely for the purpose of identifying the organisation that members of this forum are discussing.


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  1. Abdul

    Christchurch Terror attack & ACC

    I was originally guided to another ACC help forum but chose not to ask for advice on that place because someone wanting help with his fraud against ACC was abusing the member, a barrister I believe, for trying to help him! I know this is a very new forum I hope it is much better then the other one. I am not interested in being abused so I come here. Please can anyone give some guidance in what ACC should be providing. Why are ACC telling people to go to Victim Support?
  2. Abdul

    Christchurch Terror attack & ACC

    Help Please Are there any good persons out there who can guide me (and others effected) through the ACC process I am sure we as the victims are entitled to ACC as we all live here. Surely there are some knowledgeable people here that can help guide us through the process?
  3. Please Help What are victims of the Christchurch Terror attack entitled to receive under the ACC? ACC are referring victims to NZ Victims Support saying that's why the GiveAlittle page was setup. ARE THEY CORRECT? Family rebuilding their lives after father and son died protecting others during terror attack Charlie Mitchell20:34, Apr 05 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/111818840/father-and-son-christchurch-mosque-terror-attack-victims-died-protecting-others?rm=a Any help would be very appreiated Thank you Abdul M