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We are not in any way associated with the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC).
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  1. An update - I rang my case manager who confirmed that being paid out holiday pay while on weekly compensation is counted as income. She said that if my employer could take it back, it wouldn't affect my payments. So I contacted my employer who was happy for me to transfer the payment back. I don't have this in writing, but do have time and date of call. Hopefully this will all be good. 

  2. Hi - I've been off work since mid December. Happy with the process so far. Seen GP, went for ultrasound, saw specialist, went for MRI, Specialist has recommended me for surgery, waiting for ACC to approve. I've been getting the standard 80% with no issues. A little annoying as a few months before I was injured I had received a fairly substantial pay increase as a sort of loyalty bonus for sticking with my boss through a bad time the (small) business was experiencing. We were at the stage were we were getting ahead rather than treading water. Through very tight budgeting, we've been able to make things work with the 80%. Now, I have no complaint about this; it's the way the system works.

    My question is this: being the end of the financial year, my employer has paid out all my remaining holiday pay. After tax, this came to about $2800. Is this something I have to declare to ACC, and if I do, are they going to cut  my weekly payments until that has been used up? This is a huge boost to us at this time, making sure we are able to cover future bills. We are not extravagant people, have nothing on finance, we are renting and it has always been our habit to save a little bit weekly for all our expenses - so much for rent, so much for power, so much for car service, so much for insurance etc so we can pay bills when they arrive. This will go straight into our savings. I'm just terrified that if we don't declare it we will face penalties, but if we do we will lose it all. Is anyone out there able to advise please?