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  1. Hello Sappho Who was your case manager at Catalyst injury management? He is a link to my experiences of ACC during the time frame you've stated in the above post. http://www.accforum.nz/index.php?/topic/104-aon-nz-ltd/ There were quite a large number of exited Long Term Claimants who proceeded to acc review and appeal. Many of them had their ACC Earning Related Compensation fully reinstated It is also alleged by some of those reinstated claimants that they were paid a shit load of money by AON and ACC not to say anything to the media I am totally in support of a full investigation.
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    AON NZ Ltd

    Cheers screwed.
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    Many people would agree with you Krystal. My lawyer once said to me "They're not your friends mate"! In other words Don't trust them!
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    Why we are here

    I have been reading about someone in Nelson operating a shame page on facebook Not only is Stuff.co.nz investigating that person and their facebook page but NetSafe and the Police appear to be also involved. With the most likely high amount of complaints allegedly lodged with NetSafe and the Police about accforum-dot-org and Thomas, Butler and others they may have thought it in their best interests the whole site including the database should disappear! Maybe someone from Stuff.co.nz has attempted to contact accforum-dot-org's admin .... good luck with that
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    Ms Leanne McDonnell

    ----- Original Message ----- From: <Leanne.MacDonnell@aon.co.nz> To: "Blurb" <> Cc: <Judy.Dearsley@parliament.govt.nz> Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 2:09 PM Subject: Re: Fw: Assessment > > Dear Fran, > > Thank you for your e-mail received. > > These issues have been raised in your ministerial complaint, of which we > have received a copy. A reply will be forwarded to their office in due > course. > > Yours sincerely > > > Leanne Mac Donnell > Case Manager > > > > ______________________________________________________________________ > > > Visit us at http://www.aon.co.nz > > The information in this email and in any attachment(s) is confidential. If > you are not the named addressee(s) or if you receive this email in error > then > any distribution, copying or use of this communication or the information > in it > is strictly prohibited. Please notify us immediately by return email and > then > delete the message from your computer. While attachments are virus > checked, > the Aon Group of Companies do not accept any liability in respect of any > virus > which is not detected. > > nzhelpdesk@aon.co.nz > > > > ----- Original Message ----- From: <Leanne.MacDonnell@aon.co.nz> To: "Blurb" <> Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 9:16 AM Subject: Re: Request > > Dear Fran Van Helmond, > > As explained, your file has been transferred to Catalyst in Takapuna. As I > no longer have your file, it is understandable that I am no longer your > case manager. As I am no longer your case manager, I can no longer jump to > your requests. Please contact your new case manager for your future > demands. > > Thanks > Leanne > > > > ______________________________________________________________________ > > > Visit us at http://www.aon.co.nz > > The information in this email and in any attachment(s) is confidential. If > you are not the named addressee(s) or if you receive this email in error > then > any distribution, copying or use of this communication or the information > in it > is strictly prohibited. Please notify us immediately by return email and > then > delete the message from your computer. While attachments are virus > checked, > the Aon Group of Companies do not accept any liability in respect of any > virus > which is not detected. > > nzhelpdesk@aon.co.nz > > > >
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    Ms Leanne McDonnell

    To refresh your memory Ms Dyson, the first complaint I sent to you regarding Aon Risk Services, and Ms LEANNE MacDONNELL the case manager, you forwarded the complaint to them, Aon Risk Services, to investigate! Yes, you asked them to investigate themselves!
  7. Prior to 2000 / 2001 my then long term lower back injury claim file was managed by a "case manager" employed direct by the ACC. My lower back injury file was then transferred to AON NZ Ltd - WorkAON I have often wondered if the ACC did a background check on AON before transferring hundreds of ACC's Long Term Claimants files to them (AON) for "Better Managing" Yeah right! If your ACC injury claim file was transferred to AON or to any of the other three case management service provider companies that were given Long Term Claims (The Tail Enders) Case Management contracts around 1998 / 1999 time frame I would like to hear from you. Just sign-up and join me here to discus AON
  8. Blurb

    Ms Leanne McDonnell

    Wednesday 7 January 2004 RD4 Waiuku Franklin Auckland Minister Hon Ruth Dyson PO Box 19661 Woolston Christchurch Dear Minister for ACC, Hon Ruth Dyson Re: Injury file number In a letter dated 04-12-03 to Dr Paul Hutchinson, you wrote the following �Ms MacDonnell is from South Africa, and I am assured she is a very accomplished case manager. ACC acknowledges that the relationship between Mr. Van Helmond and his case managers has become strained. I am assured that ACC staff are doing their best to provide Mr. Van Helmond with the high quality of service that all ACC claimants deserve.� Yes, I agree, Ms MacDonnell is a very accomplished case manager. She was and is very accomplished at destroying the client�s integrity ensuring that the client�s input during the assessments was totally ignored! The following is a file entry made regarding a telephone conversation between Dr. Campbell and Ms Leanne MacDonnell File entry dated 2-5-2002 Dr. Campbell phoned � he agrees with Dr. Chew�s recommendations, specifically the psychiatric assessment. Not because he thinks Fran has a psychiatric condition but he definitely has a personally disorder. He fights with every conceivable person. Even made accusations against Chris Walls, but Dr Campbell thinks Fran now realizes these were false accusations. Explained to Dr Campbell that Dr. Chew refused to see Fran again so we�ll need another medical assessment. Dr Campbell was amazed and wondered whether it wasn�t because of the allegations against Chris Walls. Informed him that I didn�t send Dr Chew a copy of the allegations as this was a dispute between Fran and Dr. Walls and did not involve his medical opinion. Dr Campbell agreed. He noted that he agrees Fran can work 20 � 30 hours per week in a keyboarding position, but nothing physical. Even with his hand and knee � this won�t stop him from doing keyboard work. Asked whether Dr Campbell is of the opinion that these are injury related and he couldn�t remember the injuries sustained but did recall Fran mentioning the hand due to RSI and the knee due to a MVA. The knee hasn�t really been a problem until recently. Asked whether this could be a delay tactic and Dr Campbell said if it wasn�t the knee it would be the ankle and if not the ankle it would be something else. He congratulated me on my perseverance and noted that ACC should give him a due date at which to stop his entitlements. This should get him motivated. He has such a long history of confrontation with his TT and his landlady. He definitely feels he can start at 20 hours then 30 hours until he�s up to full time employment. Minister Dyson, I returned to full time employment as an employee in September of 2003 due to financial hardship. On December 11th 2003, I was diagnosed medically unfit to continue with any type of work due to my ongoing injury related problems. An ACC18 was issued and handed to the ACC. They declined to cover me so I ended up back on a sickness benefit. When my ACC ceased on the 12 October 2002, my GP also issued a sickness certificated stating that I was �Unfit for any type of work�! Isn�t that strange after what Dr Campbell was supposed to have said to MacDonnell? Please refer to the file entry above and you�ll see what I�m on about! Its even more strange that approximately 2 weeks before he allegedly said what he did to MacDonnell, he issued another ACC certificate which declared me fit to only undertake 2 hours of light work per day! I now also draw your attention to a letter that Mr. McSherry wrote (dated 9 January 2003) in which he wrote �During your assessment for the Work Capacity Process all injuries and medical conditions would have been taken into account before a decision made that you had a capacity for work in the reviewed jobs.� I believe Mr. McSherry was and is totally incorrect! Had Ms. MacDonnell not been allowed to contaminate my case file with a load of utter misleading crap, then the assessors would have made a totally different decision! I ask you Minister Dyson, how the hell would I get employment as a website designer when my skills are only classed as being novice, and my hand continuously curl up into cramp? You and Gary Wilson can glorify the accomplished Ms. MacDonnell as much as you like, but as far as I and other claimants are concerned she is nothing but a dangerous person who is not fit to be a case manager! Yours sincerely Fran Van Helmond Dated: CC: Dr Paul Hutchison MP for Port Waikato.
  9. Blurb

    Ms Leanne McDonnell

    "The problems include ACC destroyed the files from the orginial injuries in the 1980's prior to them being closed for 10 years. The person who recorded the files as being destroyed in late 2002, was the same person who had them re-opened in 1995." Val Jamieson - who was the very same Branch Manager that Co-Signed the "WRAP Team Sign-off" document in July 2002 with AON's Branch Medical Advisor Dr Robert Percival! and we all know what Dr Robert Percival got up to during early April 2002 ... he (and case manager Leanne Mac Donnell) teleconferenced with Dr Tony Chew, "Seeking Advice" which resulted in Dr Tony Chews Medical Assessment/Report being amended, then discarded in favour of sending me to Dr Tim Sprott in the hope he'd get "it right" for the ACC/AON .... the way they wanted the assessment/report written so they could exit me .... which they got, and did
  10. Blurb

    Ms Leanne McDonnell

    I was clicking through the fyi website and stumbled on this beauty https://fyi.org.nz/request/8026-request-for-information-in-relation-to-catalyst-risk-acc-and-acc-case-manager-ms-leanne-mcdonnell I am sure Mr David Lawson would like to hear of my experiences with Ms Leanne McDonnell. I will suggest that webmaster re-establish/establish a section where past and present contractual service providers to the ACC can be discussed. I think it was in 1998 that ACC contracted out the files of Long Term Claimants (known as the Tail Enders) to four (4) companies.organisations Two of the four were AON (WorkAON) and Catalyst Ms Leanne McDonnell first worked for AON (WorkAON) until early 2003
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    The Big Bang Theory

    Hugs and tears filming final Big Bang Theory episode https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/112393905/hugs-and-tears-filming-final-big-bang-theory-episode What a great show, going to miss it.
  12. Just send your acc case manager/administrator an email with what you have written in your post. If it does affect your erc i'm guessing (i'm no expert) they'll come to some arrangement with you on how much to deduct (abate) from your weekly erc. It's better you telling them about the holiday pay than them (ACC) finding out down the track (IRD), At least you are showing them that you're up front with them and expect them to do the same. Would be great if you let us know what they reply with. Always communicate with the ACC or any of their service provider contractors in writing. Cheers If whatever happens you will have an opportunity to have the decision (about your holiday pay) reviewed.
  13. Hide and Seek: How politicians seek to hide your information away Andrea Vance06:03, Mar 14 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/111130258/hide-and-seek-how-politicians-seek-to-hide-your-information-away