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Ken Miller (R.I.P.) "Tomcat" sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018. ACCforum.nz is dedicated to the memory of Ken Miller. Rest in peace my friend.


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  1. As far as I am aware the thread/topic that Warren Forster started in that other forum is still there.

    Well, some of it remains. It is titled "Blurb's Story" and was in that forum's "Personal Stories" section.

    Blurb's Story for the first part was a very busy topic/thread.

    Warren gave a running commentary on his interactions with some individuals in high places within the ACC empire.


    When it became clear that what Warren was publishing (his interactions with ACC) was really starting to piss them at the ACC off the topic/thread was attacked with abuse slander defamatory comments etc etc to force the then admin of that forum to remove hundreds of posts.

    Why that admin didn't put a stop to the trolls when it first started is still a mystery.