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We are not in any way associated with the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC).
The use of the ACC name is solely for the purpose of identifying the organisation that members of this forum are discussing.


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  1. At the moment, I don't think there is any question I am incapacitated. I'm otherwise well so don't see much of my GP, only a phone call to get repeat painkillers. I see my surgeon every 6 weeks and he looks at the Xrays and scans and reminds me how difficult this can be to fix. But after the operations, I have had periods off ACC weekly compensation.I did take myself back to work full time after the first operation, when it seemed like I would be mending from it. Only to be made redundant a month later. And again after the second operation, I worked as a shareholder employee until the third operation- since which I have not been able to work. Fortunately, one of my customers has said they will hire my firm again when I am well so I can get some income reasonably quickly then.
  2. Hi all, first post... hope this is the right place. I was on weekly compensation after an accident in early 2017, while employed. Three operations later, after redundancy, unemployment and (between second and third operations) briefly working to establish a company I set up, ACC reassessed my weekly compensation using my 12 months' income before the date of my third surgery. Surprise, in those twelve months I earned a lot less than in the twelve months before my accident. ACC assessed my weekly compensation as less than immediately post accident. Can they do this? I thought that until the original injury was completely healed, I am supposed to get compensation at the rate that reflects my earnings at the time of the accident. My case manager doesn't see a problem. I'm hoping your combined experience and wisdom will let me know how to proceed. Thanks