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We are not in any way associated with the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC).
The use of the ACC name is solely for the purpose of identifying the organisation that members of this forum are discussing.


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  1. Brucey

    Lets discus ACC Review hearing recordings

    Personally I do my own recording, I have never had any inaudible recordings. And I never let them know I am recording.
  2. Brucey

    Open Letter to Scott Pickering

    below is the latest update, which I have posted here on behalf of Lupine. Dear All, As you will likely be aware I took the Corporation to Review over the failure to levy and therefore provide entitlement to self-employed earners who make Schedular PAYE payments for the purposes of the PAYE rules. The Corporation hired a Russel McVeigh lawyer who managed to lean on the Reviewer sufficiently to get her to decline the Review on the basis of jurisdiction. The Reviewer did not provide a single word when it came to the matter of substance. This means that the Reviewer did not provide the Corporation with any relief on substance because it is clear she could not. I believe she knew I was correct but chose to duck the issue. I have been experiencing a lot of that as essentially no one wants to pick this dead rat up by the tail. I have three lawyers one who is a QC unofficially inform me that the substance of my arguments are correct. The Corporation is shamelessly and subversively dancing around on jurisdiction issues to avoid massive political and financial liability. There is not a doubt in my mind the Scheme is essentially broken and the accounting practices of the Corporation are dubious to the extreme. So what is next? I will be filing a statement of claim in the High Court under the Declaratory Judgments Act 1908 seeking a Declaration that the Corporation and IRD are required under law to levy and compensate Schedular PAYE payments. While that claim is proceeding I will be publishing the evidence I have of Corporation accounting and legal practices that will provide a telling back drop for WHEN I win this levy process dispute and these publications will ensure that the Corporation has no rat hole in which to bolt and no opportunity for plausible deniability. I appreciate the ongoing support from you all and I am confident that you will note the intense push back from the State I am dealing with. So at the end of this round it is a draw with the next round coming as soon as possible.
  3. Brucey


    That is how they operate, they just wear the sick and injured down, sometimes for the sake of your health and state of mind you just have to capitulate, sad but true. kia kaha bro.
  4. Brucey


    There are other options , will talk soon.
  5. Brucey


    If John Millar has your back, then you are in good hands, don't stress too much, this is just the game they play, from what I have learnt since being on the coast, is that Christina seems to be their chief attack dog. Recently promoted, that is the reason she gave me for leaving me.
  6. Brucey


    Gothca, it is not a good idea to post personal info on sites like this, this site is a lot more secure than the other one, but there is a chance ACC could put a mole in here, not likely but possible, you need to bare that in mind. will let you know when I am coming down.
  7. Brucey


    That is very interesting, she was mine up until recently, She is a piece of work. You need to record all meetings with that one, and do not communicate by phone. Contact by email, or snail mail only.
  8. Brucey


    One step at a time, don't let the bastards wear you down, I am happy to support you, attend meetings, help with research, anything you need. I am frequently in Grey for medical reasons, No prob if you want to meet up sometime. Who is your case mangler?
  9. Brucey


    Mate, hang in there bro. I know what you are going through. I live in Westport and I am on claim, I am in a similar situation to you but somewhat more able I suspect. If you need someone to talk to, or support in just getting through, let me know. I have been fighting ACC for one thing or another for about thirty years, I have a very good support network of fellow claimants, and if you need any help at all I am here for you bro.
  10. Brucey

    Vexatious litigant

    Yes there is, If you check out the other forum you will find him.
  11. Brucey

    Open Letter to Scott Pickering

    And this is Lupines first open letter to Mr Pickering. Open Letter.pdf
  12. Brucey

    Open Letter to Scott Pickering

    Here is some further correspondence between the Corporation and Lupine that may help you understand the situation. Response to ACC Forum Copy June 2018.pdf 970.06 k Response to ACC Forum Copy June 2018.pdf ACC 0052041 Response.pdf
  13. Brucey

    Why we are here

    For many of the people on your list, their fight with ACC is over. NTV for example I know has simply had enough , and is now enjoying life without the struggle, so I do not think she will be joining us. It is a shame because some of them have fought long and hard, and have beaten the corporation in the courts, and possess a huge store of knowledge. What we have to do is build this site up and the people will come.
  14. Brucey

    Why we are here

    Well I certainly hope this site can be all that we need it to be. We just need to get all of those members that have the experience and wisdom to participate. I see this site as the only viable option. I will be steering people here, and hope we can provide a safe place for those seeking help with ACC matters.