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This forum is dedicated to the memory of Ken "Tomcat" Miller R.I.P. who sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018.


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  1. Lupine

    Why we are here

    Good to see everyone. As I have alluded to earlier there are some big issues which I will be personally tackling, hopefully with all your support. With your support I will be able to bring down the Executive who have failed us for the last time. I seriously believe this and I as always will stake my own credibility on the line but to achieve this goal, unity and a bit of effort from all of us will be required. If you all follow my lead and amplify my legal and political attacks, we will finally show the Corporation that we will take no more of their failures. That is my commitment to the claimant community of New Zealand. I am in discussions with other groups. I want hundreds if not thousands and anyone who wants to fight and actually win, the fight is right here and right now. I will make an official post with more detail very soon.
  2. Greetings all, This year sees two large ACC projects that need to be taken care of. The Sensitive Claims Unit policy issues and the ongoing failure to address the self-employed levy / ERC process. I will be basing my "forum" presence at this site as it is safer and more professional and yes it is absent Alan Thomas. I have plans for 2019 which I will present over the next few days. I am running two sites. www.cassandracomplex.org.nz This site deals with the "metoo" movement and wider sexual abuse issues. www.cassandrashield.co.nz This site is not up yet but will be focused on ACC issues. I look forward to working with you all to achieve good results this year. Lupine