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We are not in any way associated with the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC).
The use of the ACC name is solely for the purpose of identifying the organisation that members of this forum are discussing.


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  1. screwed


    "resulting from the accident on 22/2/2017" What was the "accident on 22/2/2017?
  2. Was listening to the radio talk-back shows today after the gun buyback money side of things was released by the Government. Out of all the callers not one of them were happy about ACC contributing $40 million dollars! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/113628781/government-gun-buyback-scheme-funding-boosted-to-208m-with-acc-money?rm=a ACC should not be using our money to help fund the gun buy back! I have a lot more to say on this but before I go on, is there anyone else out there that is pissed off that the ACC "contributed" that $40 million dollars?
  3. screwed

    Christchurch Terror attack & ACC

    from Stuff.co.nz Christchurch terror attack trauma for some not covered by Victim Support payments https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/113271644/christchurch-terror-attack-trauma-for-some-not-covered-by-victim-support-payments
  4. FairWay review process legal and appropriate https://www.acc.co.nz/about-us/news-media/latest-news/fairway-review-process-legal-and-appropriate/ FairWay (formerly known as DRSL) is owned by ex ACC case managers and employs ex ACC case managers. Not very independent/impartial if you ask me!
  5. ACC's use of external security consultants (SSC Inquiry) https://www.acc.co.nz/about-us/news-media/latest-news/acc-use-external-security-consultants-ssc-inquiry/ I remember years ago there was a story about a guy in Dunedin who had massive issues with an ACC private dick. His name is Bruce I think? Does anyone know who they use now and what happened to that claimant bruce?
  6. 'Money for tanks, not teachers' - National’s Simon Bridges on claims of Budget details release https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/113077002/budget-leak-referred-to-police-after-treasury-finds-evidence-of-hacking The leader of the National Party, Simon Bridges, appears to be desperate for the attention! Mr Bridges as the Leader of the National Party appears to be endorsing a criminal act, is he not?
  7. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost billions of dollars Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost billions of dollars, so where does he rank among world's richest? His estimated net worth is currently US$67.3 billion (NZ$102.8 billion), according to Forbes. "We then divided all annual earnings by 8760, the number of hours in a year, to calculate how much he earned an hour." Lets give this a go ..... I make $49,000 per year divided by 8760 hours in a year .... so in reality I make .02c per hour over 12 months.
  8. screwed

    acc supplying a vehicle

    Did you have your assessment done using the Holden Colorado? Regardless of the vehicle type is the height an important factor because of the ease of getting in and out of it?
  9. screwed

    Christchurch Terror attack & ACC

    On the TV3 AM show this morning ACC declining claims re the Christchurch Terror Attack Can link be found and posted here.
  10. Link to Stuff.co.nz $320m to tackle family and sexual violence in New Zealand https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/112832628/320m-to-tackle-family-and-sexual-violence-in-new-zealand
  11. screwed

    Why we are here

    That database error page is still showing up on that other forum. I certainly haven't shed any tears over the demise of that very unsafe and extremely dangerous and now hopefully defunct forever forum and I'm not about to start! One person in my opinion destroyed that place. I really hope everyone will just try and put that forum and it's criminal element owner or owners behind them and start getting in to get our new forum where that other place used to be in its hay day, and that's being a massive thick rose thorn up ACC's backside at all time's! It's time to start.
  12. screwed

    The Steps To Take when injury occurs

    In reference to number 4.1 - Be honest with the NZ ACC. On the now defunct other accforum I was following the adventures of member "Alan Tomas" Only days after "Brucy" (I think that's the correct spelling) posted a link to this person Alen Tomases court stuff the whole forum disappeared! database error? I hope that Bruce guy joins here and re-posts that link in the judgement section of this forum. What clearly stands out in this Judgement, from what I did manage to read of it before getting bored, just like the Judge and everyone else in that Court Room must have been except Mr Tomas, is that he, Mr Tomas totally failed to inform the ACC of his Directorships in numerous registered limited companies! Being honest with the ACC is paramount! It also puts you in a much better position than the ACC when they attempt to screw you with altered file documents and the like which leads to your compensation being suspended and you having to take (fight) the basterds at Review then most likely just before it gets heard in the District Court of ACC Appeals they the ACC will back off and reinstate your erc because once its in ACC Appeals its in Public Domain land and everyone will know what they the ACC did to screw the life out of you and exhaust your funds for the time they were staring you out!
  13. 1 - Ensure your incident/accident/injury is correctly recorded by your employer 1.1 - Get a photocopy for your records 2 - Ensure your incident/accident/injury is correctly recorded by your or your employers GP 2.1 - Get a copy for your records 3 - Ensure your GP or Employers GP fills out all the required documentation for lodging a claim with ACC and sends to them 3.1 - Ask for a copy/print out of everything forwarded to the ACC 3.2 - The Medical History File your GP has about you belongs to you, NOT the doctor/GP! He/She is only the caretaker/administrator/case manager of your Medical History File/Records! 3.3 - Request a full and unedited copy of your Medical History File every six months or so. Make sure you request this at the very first consultation with your doctor/gp and ensure all your records are as they should be. This prevents any changes being made to your file history without your knowledge 4 - When communicating with the NZ ACC only do so in writting - emails NEVER Talk To Anyone from the ACC over the phone/cellphone 4.1 - Be honest with the NZ ACC. The Steps To Take when injury occurs I'm very much open to discussion on this topic so be my guest and lets debate the right and wrong procedures/steps to take in the lodging of an injury claim with the ACC.
  14. screwed

    NZ Road Toll

    I also think that an OPEN ROAD DRIVING endorsement on licenses for anyone driving out of town/city limits is a brilliant idea!
  15. screwed

    NZ Road Toll

    143 road deaths so far this year and we're only just into May!