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  1. People with a disability or health condition the answer to skills shortages https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/opinion-analysis/111204855/people-with-a-disability-or-health-condition-the-answer-to-skills-shortages?rm=a
  2. Disabled Kiwis who want to work are falling through the cracks https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/114245319/disabled-kiwis-who-want-to-work-are-falling-through-the-cracks?rm=a
  3. People don't understand how low benefits are, until they're forced to apply for one https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/114244833/people-dont-understand-how-low-benefits-are-until-theyre-forced-to-apply-for-one
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    Lotto & PowerBall

    Our Lotto Syndicate To be in Our Lotto Syndicate all you need to do is be registered as a member and publish at least one post per week on ACCforum.nz Terms & Conditions apply.  You need to be a registered accforum.nz member and provide/contribute at least one post every week to share in any win falls. Members who wish to be in Our Lotto Syndicate must post something ACC related on this forum before 5PM every Saturday Evenings and from 9AM on Sunday mornings. Posts published between 5PM Saturday evenings and 9AM Sunday mornings do not qualify. One equal share per qualifying member - member must be real person - if real person posts using other user-name's then that member gets only one share You agree to provide your full name, address and other details in order to establish your link to your accforum.nz user-name (The details you provide to prove/establish your id will be kept confidential) Any money won will be deposited into members NZ bank account after id confirmed etc The Registered Owner of ACCforum NZ and it's current Administrator/s, Moderator/s are automatically allocated one (1) equal share each One (1) equal share is donated to ACClaim Otago because they go out of their way, for all ACC Levy Payers, to keep the NZ ACC honest! Visit their website - http://acclaimotago.org One (1) equal share is donated to Warren Forster ( Barrister and Researcher with an interest in social justice and expertise in Accident Compensation law ) because he also does his best to keep the NZ ACC honest! Visit his website - https://www.forster.co.nz Join now, it's FREE! Our Lotto Syndicate numbers are published after 7.30PM but before 7.45PM on night of NZ Lotto draw. Watch the Live Saturday night NZ Lotto draw on TV1 at 8PM. Registered ACCforum NZ Members must be logged in to see the numbers. Please note We are not in any way associated with, nor endorsed by, Lotto New Zealand. The use of the Lotto New Zealand name (and Logo"s) is/are solely for the purpose of clearly identifying, to our members, the lotto that Our Lotto Syndicate members have a ticket/numbers in. The ACCforum NZ administrator is sometimes gifted tickets/numbers in the following Lotto New Zealand games to share with Our Lotto Syndicate / forum members https://mylotto.co.nz
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    Selfie Injuries

    I have forwarded your question to the ACC by way of our twitter account @ACCforumNZ They are most welcome to respond directly here if they (the ACC) wish by joining our forum. If they respond by way of twitter I shall endevour to post their response here.
  6. Acclaim Otago (Inc) is a support group for injured New Zealanders and their families. They are an incorporated society based in Dunedin with members throughout New Zealand. Meetings are held once a month. For further information ph 03455-HURT or email us acclaimotago@gmail.com On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Acclaim-Otago-Inc-205011839527714/ Website - http://www.acclaimotago.org/
  7. The essentials poor Kiwi families give up first From STUFF https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/111750300/cascade-of-want-the-essentials-poor-families-give-up-first
  8. Name: Access Support Services Phone: (03) 548 6962 or 09 281 4558 Email: contact@accesssupport.co.nz Website: www.accesssupport.co.nz Snail-mail: Post: PO Box 9058, Nelson.
  9. Name: Hazel Armstrong (Wellington) Email: legal@hazelarmstronglaw.co.nz Website: www.hazelarmstronglaw.co.nz Phone: (04) 473 6767 Cellphone: 0274 721 793 Physical Address: Level One, Tramways Building, One Thorndon Quay, Wellington Mailing Address: PO Box 2564 Wellington.
  10. Name: Cassandra Shield Phone: 022 3333762 Email: cassandra@actrix.co.nz Website: http://cassandrashield.co.nz Snail-mail Postal Address Cassandra Shield PO Box 34817 Birkenhead 0626 Auckland Or contact accforum.nz verified member "Lupine" Cassandra Shield ACC Advocacy Services Cassandra Shield offers affordable advocacy services and claim management for Accident Compensation Corporation Claimants. Services include IRP negotiations and ACC appeals. Cassandra Shield currently offers services to Sensitive Claimants, Chronic Pain Claimants, and Mental Injury Claimants. General Claims are considered on a case by case basis.
  11. Name: Peter Sara (Dunedin) Phone: (03) 477 8594 Email: peter@mvl.co.nz Website: Fax: (03) 477 2512
  12. Name: Forster & Associates Phone: 04 979 9209 Email: info@forster.co.nz Website: https://www.forster.co.nz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarrenForsterNZ Snail-mail Postal Address Wellington Office PO Box 23, Wellington, 5000 Dunedin Office PO Box 5949, Dunedin, 9058
  13. In this section are contact details of lawyers and advocates who represent ACC Claimants. All information has been sourced from the Internet. As far as we are aware, most of the ACC Claimants Lawyers and Advocates listed here accept/take-on clients from anywhere in New Zealand. ACCforum.nz and it's owner, and it's administrators and it's moderators etc do not in any way favour, nor endorse, any specific person or business/organisation listed here-in. We have done our best to ensure all details here are correct at time of publishing them. If you or your business is listed here and you find that the contact details for you or your business/organisation are incorrect, please contact us with the correct details and they shall be amended/corrected. If you or your business/organisation provide a bono-fida Legal and or Advocacy service to ACC Claimants and are not listed here and wish to be, then please contact us. Disclaimer: ACCforum NZ does not in any way favour nor endorse any specific person or organization listed here. Please note: Listings appear in no specific order. This is a "Read Only" section.
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    Myodil / Arachnoiditis

    Posted 18 April 2015 - 09:31 AM View how ACC treats Myodil Dye victims. Video No Longer available http://youtube.com/embed/tX_eSwLAGXU?html5=1&fs=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen Some excellent investigative journalism from the 60 minutes team and Genevieve Westcot. This was shown on TV in 1996, and still today the ACC are continuing to make life difficult for Myodil victims. John Huntley, Carol Bampbell and a group of others speak about their experience Please note: It's an old video and hasn't converted too well to youtube format.
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    Myodil / Arachnoiditis

    Posted 10 April 2015 - 10:43 AM #4 gaffa09 · · Newbie · · Group:Members · Posts:4 · Joined:02-November 03 Posted 05 February 2006 - 03:57 PM This is what I have to date re my file and also what I have on file Myodil injected 6cc 1979 OP after.heard my own screems come back at me trouble ever since Myodil also injected 1987 6cc MR Doc Russel Worth Wellington { Scum bag,} For 6 months after coming out of hospital complained to him in what was happening In a confidence document to ACC,he called me a malingerer and so on, Through my Lawyer in the 1990s wrote to Russel Worth for full copies of my files , This was not carried out , Letter from Russell worth , statement , Have send files for vetting and after vetting you can have the rest., About same time found out that MR Russell Worth was on the board of the ACC medical team, {Ho dearie dearie me } Letter from state insurance re ACC Mr Huntleys claim Also in 2 separate letters to my lawyer has admitted that Myodil is a major problem but tried to pull the statue of limitations saying this was out of time ,Have copies , Symptoms, as was in hospitals , HAVE ALL WELLINGTON hospital notes Dizzy spells , massive headache, Blackouts , unbalanced , electric shocks through whole body , eye troubles , bad pain in neck like surgeon’s knife still there , middle spine now with trouble where needle went in can’t sleep and troubles with lower part of spine 12 years ago started with bowel, and bladder problems , Sex well that doesn't work well at all only sometimes if i am lucky In 3 weeks after coming out of hospital lost wife, now left with 5 children , Fell down steps twice due to blackout , dizzy spells on record more trouble .Muscle spasms Can’t peel potatoes can’t walk properly couldn’t go to toilet without massive pain , Taken off ACC April 1980 By Russel Worth who was instructed by ACC Mr Otterway . Doc Hunters report, dated 21st August 1981 covers all Doc Hornabrooks report made promises to invest ergate myodil { didn’t happen} ================================================== Years went by pain now is in legs, feet ,toes, fingers, arms, hospitalize for heart condition , stroke like symptoms, this all about and up too 1985 ,reinstated back on ACC april 1985 , Myelogram Napier 17th of July 1985 carried out by Mr Shipp the same one and only, that did the first one in 1979 under Russell Worth Residual myodil also found in base of spine Letters from Mr Gale Curtis , Orthopaedic surgeon Letter dated 1st sept 1988 In OCT 1987 MUA of spine 50% restricted Hospital Taumarunui 26 July 1989 heart attack systems dizziness, upper limbs feel weak , off balance, At this time now I feel as if my head won’t stay on my shoulders . Taumarunui Hospital date 31st Oct 1989 another fall damaged ribs Waikato Hospital dated 2 nov 1987 Diagnosis Chronic neck bilateral arm pain Waikato Hospital 21st Feb 1990 cervical instability to be accepted. Gale Curtis march 21st 1990 getting back to work is zero A two level anterior interbody arthrodesis could be undertaken Dr G.P. Miles approved by ACC damaging report Wakefield Medical centre Dr Graham Martin report covers above . 12 May report disability 30%, and comments about Russel Worth, {What a pack s... } Now in this time I have had another 6cc of myodil injected by gale Curtis Napier hospital and another Op= fusions of neck bone taken from hip Dr Ian Macpherson report out come of more surgery not good. 22nd June 1993 letter from Dr little my now GP, Myodil in brain after he sent me to Wanganui hospital thought I had tumours on brain... The real start of investigating myodil 1994 now come mood swings, irritable, angry, depressed very tired Progressive medical imaging dated 25th July 1994 marked degenerative changers c section and l section Letter to ACC from Russell Worth 27th July 1994 {go you } Bakes report 28th July 1994 back up spinal problems Massey University 1st August 1994 re now mental health good report for me . 4th of August refusal to supply Russell Worth info from my x-rays and files , Russells Worths report 22nd of August 1994 Admission of problems with myodil pulls the statute of limitations on us Damming report on both medical and myodil. Have copies Wanganui Hospital 12 th Sept Why is myodil used , And in other countries . 11th Oct wanganui hospital a limited CT scan preformed Question why a limited ? Paid for by ACC 20th Oct 1994 from Russell Worth in his words There is no doubt that myodil in the subarachnoid space causes Arachnoiditis. He goes on. Mr Huntleys problem is related to chronic pain in his arms This may be due to Mechanical instability or to arachnoiditis of the cervical spinal nerves 30th of dec 1994 visual fields test for eyes effected by myodil I failed tests 2 OP on eyes to follow paid for by ACC won�t accept F. Howes FCS {SA }<FRCS {ED}> FRCOphth report is that good enough . 6th april 1995 bakers report 5 pages talks about mydil, and also spondylosis 5th of OCT Russell Worth to lawyer I have had the whole file vetted by Jenny Gibson of the medical protection society . 17th Oct 1995 Hornabrook report In report statement re myodil I will be happy to try and help clarify the issue { THEN HE WENT AND RETIRED) 5th March report by Mr F Howes eye surgeon this may be related to a possible arachnoiditis . Reports from Gil Newburn 1997 Grant gillett not a good report also lost x-rays also I cost his boss his job , . Then comes the asshole Dr Alastair K Wilson ACC assessor need I say more 30th Nov 1999 Whangarei hospital , Black out causing fracture of L1 Another black out 25th May 2001 hospital report split head open repaired and sent home Ho yes ACC wouldn’t pay for st johns ambulance, Have all documents 15th Oct 2001 Northland health pick up severe sloping sensorineural hearing loss in both ears . Gee that most come from the yelling ACC have done . In inquiring this may have stemmed from the days in the fire service . 23rd Aug 2002 from Vision care in short unusually lower blood pressure in head possible cause Myodil reports of arachnoiditis secondary to the use of myodil But my doctor is treating me for high blood pressure 26th of sept 2003 Burtons health care ACC wanted me to go to this what a waste of time and money By the way her bill was $1910.00 yet they cant pay me what I am entitled too. I also forgot to say that ACC spent big money on me investigating me back in the mid 1990s Nerve conduction tests which I have had also not carried out by world standards I have also over 3000 pages on Myodil in one lot alone Half this amount again from Aussie, some from Canada. Some from Dr Burton, How the hell do I put all this up on site , Letters from Glaxo, health Dept, In short ACC opinion is that it is all in my head , (Yeah right... 6cc of Myodil.) You judge , This is only some of the medical files I have I would be writing all day ,