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    German chancellor Angela Merkel says "What am I to do? ACC in NZ have asked if I want Germany to join up to their by invitation only ACC's Injury cover declined Scams Affiliate Program during private talks with President Obama 😮
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    1] German chancellor Angela Merkel angrily shouts "Big Red Coloured Font auf dieser accforum.org Wieder ist es eine Kollision mit dem Top Ich trage Argh!" during private talks with President Obama Translated: "Big Red Coloured Font on that accforum.org again, it's clashing with the Top I'm wearing Arggggg!" 2] German chancellor Angela Merkel angrily shouts "Ich hatte ein Memorandum of Understanding mit David Butler (accforum.org's resident "Troll") für ihn zu fuk Klappentext und tomcat, blurb, Mini, ntv and freefallnz über, aber er ist erneut nicht gelungen ist, Verschwendung von Zeit!" during private talks with President Obama Translated: "I had a Memorandum of Understanding with David Butler (accforum.org's resident "Troll") for him to fuk tomcat, blurb, mini, ntv and freefallnz over but he's failed yet again, waste of time!" 3] German chancellor Angela Merkel angrily shouts "Unabhängig davon, fälschlicherweise der in irgendeiner angeblichen Takapuna Bombenanschlag ich immer noch für beide Alan Thomas und David Butler zu tun haben ein Herz beteiligt angeklagt, aber ihre Köpfe scheinen immer anschwellen dieses groß!" during private talks with President Obama 4] German chancellor Angela Merkel angrily shouts "Before I joined Jenny Craig, I was this wide!" during private talks with President Obama I hope that it brings a smile to everyone's faces.
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    You will need to visit the Cassandra Complex website. www.cassandracomplex.org.nz They are more qualified and knowledgeable to advise you with the process and the help/support the ACC give to Sensitive Claims clients. You could also contact the appropriate Helpline, take a look through these contacts http://www.accforum.nz/index.php?/nz-247-helplines/ Cheers
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    Found this excellent opinion on another site that I need to share with everyone The writer is Chris https://www.neighbourly.co.nz/message/view/55722440 I hope the writer will consider joining this forum and sharing his views and opinions about, not only Lime Scooters but ACC as well. ACC operates on a No Fault system. To cut to the chase, it's the NZ ACC Levy Payers that foot the injury bills including E.R.C (earning related compensation) My opinion is that if a product and or service used in NZ is proved/known to cause any level of injury, the importer/manufacturer/service provider should be required to pay a huge percentage of the cost of the ACC claim and charge their clients/customers extra money which goes direct to the ACC Levy Payers fund/account to off-set costs associated with the injury causing whatever. An example - NZ tobacco/cigarette smokers pay an extra tax on any tobacco product which I believed was to help the District Health Boards look after smokers when/if their health deteriorates The same system could also work on Lime scooters. The more people use them, the more money goes into the ACC levy payers account/fund. Why did Lime not cease hiring out these scooters everywhere as soon as they became aware of the issue? One, maybe Two "Brakes Locking" issues should have been enough for LIME to hit the pause button until the serious issue was fixed and tested! Since Lime Scooters suddenly appeared in NZ I have been waiting for that breaded News Flash that a person has been killed while using a Lime Scooter! I hope I never see the day. Just a note, Its no use asking some users/riders of the Lime Scooters to slow down and ride responsibly some wouldn't give two hoots on how many old folk and kids they hit - some more than others think they're indispensable when riding a lime. Until its too late. sadly next is rip I'll try and make contact with someone at Lime and invite them to join and participate in these discussions.
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    I reproduced the above Stuff story for a good reason. About 8 years ago a select group of ACCforum.org members were attacked on that forum by a then newly registered member. That individual is allegedly the same person featured in the following story published by the Herald. Blogger dodges prison over court suppression breaches, harassment campaigns 26 Jul, 2018 1:10pm Internet blogger Dermot Nottingham was sentenced today in the Auckland District Court. Photo / Sam Hurley New Zealand Herald court reporter. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12095711 The blogger's targets included business people, civil servants, and a former Member of Parliament. Photos were taken of them and their homes and the allegations published online falsely claimed drug abuse and corruption. Nottingham's targets included several innocent ACC claimants! Dermot Nottingham's profile on ACCforum dot org Joined: - 11-December 11 https://accforum.org/forums/index.php?/user/56902-lauda-finem/page__tab__aboutme Why did the NZ Police not investigate our complaints? ACC Claimants Safety Alert The following individuals are alleged to be responsible for the demise of the ACCforum.org and criminal harassment of ACC Claimants. David Butler, Alan Thomas, and Dermot Nottingham ACCforum dot org's David Butler aka Hardwired aka Snoopy David Butler - Image from David Butler/*Dermot Nottingham Skype video David Butler allegedly resides somewhere in or near Cheviot, just out side of Christchurch NZ. Warning: If you are an ACC, or Work & Income NZ client , Don't give David Butler any of your personal information! Dermot Gregory Nottingham - He is a convicted criminal. Warning: If you are an ACC, or Work & Income NZ client , Don't give Dermot Gregory Nottingham any of your personal information! Alan Gordon Thomas - He is a convicted criminal and alleged owner/moderator/administrator of ACCforum(doyt)org Wealthy consultant used ACC to boost wage by $238,000 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=115696 ACC bomb plot: Plans for van blast - 26 Jul, 2011 5:30am https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10740850 Warning: If you are an ACC, or Work & Income NZ client , Don't give Alan Gordon Thomas any of your personal information! This post was in the Public Domain but quickly moved to "Members only" section of ACCforum dot org I have chosen not to name the blog site which published Nottingham's posts because the offending content remains online.
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