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    Acc likes to mess people around don't trust them mum has to get a opp and acc is demanding if the are to pay for it or not they are nent to look aether people not muck them around
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    success at last, I won my review against acc 1. whether acc's 24 December( yes nice xmas pressie) decision bot 2 grant cover 4 labral tear was correct decision 1 quashed and substituted 2 whether acc's 24 December not to fund surgery to treat labral tear was correct decision 2 quashed and substituted I have been fighting acc for 2 1/2 yrs for this op. acc tried to say I had osteoarthritis which was disputed by 3 radiologists and a orthopedic surgeon. this all started when my 55kg German Shepard jumped on me in a chair which broke forcing me into the edge of the concrete. and a big thnx to john millar law.all their expenses were paid at review.
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    Mate, hang in there bro. I know what you are going through. I live in Westport and I am on claim, I am in a similar situation to you but somewhat more able I suspect. If you need someone to talk to, or support in just getting through, let me know. I have been fighting ACC for one thing or another for about thirty years, I have a very good support network of fellow claimants, and if you need any help at all I am here for you bro.
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    Is this what you're looking for? Second independent monitoring report on ACC sensitive claims released https://nzfvc.org.nz/news/second-independent-monitoring-report-acc-sensitive-claims-released
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    In your first post you wrote From the start when ACC first declined my doctors claim I would say whole prosses has taken about 10 months so far, it has been a stressful time having to engage with ACC and ACC Advocate/Lawyer/Review Prosses/Hand Surgeon. Do you still have an advocate representing you? You are entitled to request a full & unedited copy of your injury files from the ACC and if you haven't already got a copy of your file get onto that asap. Once in receipt of your file go through it as the ACC are known to remove documents from claimants files. Going thru your file you'll hopefully find out where they plucked that injury date from. If it is in the file then there should also be the medical note/s from the hospital/dr If there are no notes for that injury then ask ACC where all that info is! Golden rule - Everything in writing. and ... if you do ever have a face to face meeting with the ACC just keep smiling at them all the time you are there in their office. It confuses the crap out of them!
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