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    acc sucks
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    How long has Scott Pickering been at ACC now? Not sure but may have been last year or the year before that Scott Pickering's yearly wage is $850.000.00 Not bad money for screwing claimants is it?
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    That database error page is still showing up on that other forum. I certainly haven't shed any tears over the demise of that very unsafe and extremely dangerous and now hopefully defunct forever forum and I'm not about to start! One person in my opinion destroyed that place. I really hope everyone will just try and put that forum and it's criminal element owner or owners behind them and start getting in to get our new forum where that other place used to be in its hay day, and that's being a massive thick rose thorn up ACC's backside at all time's! It's time to start.
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    Good to see everyone. As I have alluded to earlier there are some big issues which I will be personally tackling, hopefully with all your support. With your support I will be able to bring down the Executive who have failed us for the last time. I seriously believe this and I as always will stake my own credibility on the line but to achieve this goal, unity and a bit of effort from all of us will be required. If you all follow my lead and amplify my legal and political attacks, we will finally show the Corporation that we will take no more of their failures. That is my commitment to the claimant community of New Zealand. I am in discussions with other groups. I want hundreds if not thousands and anyone who wants to fight and actually win, the fight is right here and right now. I will make an official post with more detail very soon.
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