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Peer to Peer Support

This forum is dedicated to the memory of Ken "Tomcat" Miller R.I.P. who sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018.



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  1. Our Stories about NZ ACC

    Everyone that has had ACC involved within their lives, directly or indirectly, has a story to tell.

  2. Review & Mediation Hearing process

    Information about the ACC Review and Mediation Process - Review Hearings - Role Of The Reviewer - Fairway (formerly DRSL) Reviews (which lead to Appeals) - Mediation

  3. District Court ACC Appeals Process

    Information about the ACC Appeal Process through the District Court.

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  4. Injuries and Medical

    Discussion on individual assessors - Information about injuries and medical conditions: Medical Error - Head Injuries - Medical Misdiagnosis - Medical Misadventure - Myodil / Arachnoiditis - Spine and Back problems and more

  5. ACC Legislation

    Interpretation and discussion of legal entitlement

    Topics you should read to be fully informed about ACC and related legislation - know your rights.

  6. ACC Judgements & Case law

    Court judgements for you to refer to: Claim Cover Judgements - Entitlements Judgements - Legislation Judgements = Work Capacity Judgements = Winz / MSD Judgements = IRD / TRA Judgements

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  7. Official Information Requests

    Official Information Requests made by ACCforum.nz or by others. Some information has been sourced from other websites, one in particular being FYI.org.nz

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  8. Human Rights

    Topics and information relating to Human Rights issues. Violation Of Human Rights - New Zealand Bill Of Rights Act 1990

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