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This forum is dedicated to the memory of Ken "Tomcat" Miller R.I.P. who sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018.

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  2. The essentials poor Kiwi families give up first From STUFF https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/111750300/cascade-of-want-the-essentials-poor-families-give-up-first
  3. Found this in Stuff Blind and visually impaired people want e-scooters off the footpath for good https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/111820308/blind-and-visually-impaired-people-want-escooters-off-the-footpath-for-good
  4. An update - I rang my case manager who confirmed that being paid out holiday pay while on weekly compensation is counted as income. She said that if my employer could take it back, it wouldn't affect my payments. So I contacted my employer who was happy for me to transfer the payment back. I don't have this in writing, but do have time and date of call. Hopefully this will all be good.
  5. Just send your acc case manager/administrator an email with what you have written in your post. If it does affect your erc i'm guessing (i'm no expert) they'll come to some arrangement with you on how much to deduct (abate) from your weekly erc. It's better you telling them about the holiday pay than them (ACC) finding out down the track (IRD), At least you are showing them that you're up front with them and expect them to do the same. Would be great if you let us know what they reply with. Always communicate with the ACC or any of their service provider contractors in writing. Cheers If whatever happens you will have an opportunity to have the decision (about your holiday pay) reviewed.
  6. Hi - I've been off work since mid December. Happy with the process so far. Seen GP, went for ultrasound, saw specialist, went for MRI, Specialist has recommended me for surgery, waiting for ACC to approve. I've been getting the standard 80% with no issues. A little annoying as a few months before I was injured I had received a fairly substantial pay increase as a sort of loyalty bonus for sticking with my boss through a bad time the (small) business was experiencing. We were at the stage were we were getting ahead rather than treading water. Through very tight budgeting, we've been able to make things work with the 80%. Now, I have no complaint about this; it's the way the system works. My question is this: being the end of the financial year, my employer has paid out all my remaining holiday pay. After tax, this came to about $2800. Is this something I have to declare to ACC, and if I do, are they going to cut my weekly payments until that has been used up? This is a huge boost to us at this time, making sure we are able to cover future bills. We are not extravagant people, have nothing on finance, we are renting and it has always been our habit to save a little bit weekly for all our expenses - so much for rent, so much for power, so much for car service, so much for insurance etc so we can pay bills when they arrive. This will go straight into our savings. I'm just terrified that if we don't declare it we will face penalties, but if we do we will lose it all. Is anyone out there able to advise please?
  7. Sappho

    Totally Off Topic

    This is totally off topic Married at first sight ozzie What I can see happening is some of the newly weds/participates are seeing ahead to the days after they leave the show and start selling their stories to the media! Getting on the show, for some, is the first step to much future monetary fortune https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/111297384/married-at-first-sight-boss-says-cheating-in-the-2019-season-has-gone-too-far
  8. Hide and Seek: How politicians seek to hide your information away Andrea Vance06:03, Mar 14 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/111130258/hide-and-seek-how-politicians-seek-to-hide-your-information-away
  9. silverfox

    unfit then fit then unfit

    We pay both compulsory ACC levies and Income Taxes here in New Zealand. ACC transfers their legal responsibilities onto WINZ Much like moving something to the "lets save some more money" basket With the assistance of the contracted Medical Specialists/Assessors and the GPs (who are creaming it on the ACC gravy train The ACC's bank account at WestPac is growing by the millions every day Current balance in ACC's savings account is .... 3 billion dollars MONEY THAT SHOULD BE USED TO GET INJURED NEW ZEALANDERS BACK TO WORK AND NOT TO GIVE THAT PICKERING (and others ) ANOTHER PAY INCREASE! ACC CEO Pickering already gets over $800 thousand dollars a year for fuking us claimants over!
  10. Brucey

    Why we are here

    For many of the people on your list, their fight with ACC is over. NTV for example I know has simply had enough , and is now enjoying life without the struggle, so I do not think she will be joining us. It is a shame because some of them have fought long and hard, and have beaten the corporation in the courts, and possess a huge store of knowledge. What we have to do is build this site up and the people will come.
  11. Protester apologises to ACC for 'over the top' protest, New Plymouth court hears Deena Coster13:32, Mar 12 2019 A man who drove his car into the front entrance of the New Plymouth ACC branch, live streaming his protest over the internet, has met with a representative of the national insurer to say sorry, a court heard. On Tuesday, Paul Martyn Smith was sentenced in the New Plymouth District Court on two charges connected to a December 20 incident at the city's ACC office on Molesworth St. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/111206117/protester-apologises-to-acc-for-over-the-top-protest-new-plymouth-court-hears
  12. The day after being miraculously found of having a capacity to work it was again miraculously found that I was unfit due to the same injuries, but this time I found myself on a sickness benefit!
  13. At the moment, I don't think there is any question I am incapacitated. I'm otherwise well so don't see much of my GP, only a phone call to get repeat painkillers. I see my surgeon every 6 weeks and he looks at the Xrays and scans and reminds me how difficult this can be to fix. But after the operations, I have had periods off ACC weekly compensation.I did take myself back to work full time after the first operation, when it seemed like I would be mending from it. Only to be made redundant a month later. And again after the second operation, I worked as a shareholder employee until the third operation- since which I have not been able to work. Fortunately, one of my customers has said they will hire my firm again when I am well so I can get some income reasonably quickly then.
  14. Welcome. For your first post it is an extremely interesting one. First of all. I'm far from being an expert ... in fact your user-name would have been a better choice for me had I thought of it lol But anyway I always thought it was the higher of the two but not sure how your change of jobs in between would affect that Do you have any correspondence from ACC stating/implying that your incapacity has/had miraculously healed and you were fit for work? What about your GP, what do they think/say about this? Great question dumbo
  15. Hi all, first post... hope this is the right place. I was on weekly compensation after an accident in early 2017, while employed. Three operations later, after redundancy, unemployment and (between second and third operations) briefly working to establish a company I set up, ACC reassessed my weekly compensation using my 12 months' income before the date of my third surgery. Surprise, in those twelve months I earned a lot less than in the twelve months before my accident. ACC assessed my weekly compensation as less than immediately post accident. Can they do this? I thought that until the original injury was completely healed, I am supposed to get compensation at the rate that reflects my earnings at the time of the accident. My case manager doesn't see a problem. I'm hoping your combined experience and wisdom will let me know how to proceed. Thanks
  16. Sappho

    Why we are here

    I reproduced what you wrote on that other forum mate because what you wrote was bang on the mark! People wanting to help themselves try and get fair go from ACC are wasting their time at accforum,org because there is hardly anyone to help. That butler person still gives me the creeps but for tomas I'm over his same old same old dribble. I'm hoping magnacarter and others like mini, ntv, hukildaspida, huggy, fairgo, anon and others etc come over here. That old team at accforum.org were the best! I hope they all join here and this place start annoying the sheat out of acc
  17. Name: Access Support Services Phone: (03) 548 6962 or 09 281 4558 Email: contact@accesssupport.co.nz Website: www.accesssupport.co.nz Snail-mail: Post: PO Box 9058, Nelson.
  18. Name: Hazel Armstrong (Wellington) Email: legal@hazelarmstronglaw.co.nz Website: www.hazelarmstronglaw.co.nz Phone: (04) 473 6767 Cellphone: 0274 721 793 Physical Address: Level One, Tramways Building, One Thorndon Quay, Wellington Mailing Address: PO Box 2564 Wellington.
  19. Name: Cassandra Shield Phone: 022 3333762 Email: cassandra@actrix.co.nz Website: http://cassandrashield.co.nz Snail-mail Postal Address Cassandra Shield PO Box 34817 Birkenhead 0626 Auckland Or contact accforum.nz verified member "Lupine" Cassandra Shield ACC Advocacy Services Cassandra Shield offers affordable advocacy services and claim management for Accident Compensation Corporation Claimants. Services include IRP negotiations and ACC appeals. Cassandra Shield currently offers services to Sensitive Claimants, Chronic Pain Claimants, and Mental Injury Claimants. General Claims are considered on a case by case basis.
  20. Name: Peter Sara (Dunedin) Phone: (03) 477 8594 Email: peter@mvl.co.nz Website: Fax: (03) 477 2512
  21. Name: Forster & Associates Phone: 04 979 9209 Email: info@forster.co.nz Website: https://www.forster.co.nz Snail-mail Postal Address Wellington Office PO Box 23, Wellington, 5000 Dunedin Office PO Box 5949, Dunedin, 9058
  22. In this section are contact details of lawyers and advocates who represent ACC Claimants. All information has been sourced from the Internet. As far as we are aware, most of the ACC Claimants Lawyers and Advocates listed here accept/take-on clients from anywhere in New Zealand. ACCforum.nz and it's owner, and it's administrators and it's moderators etc do not in any way favour, nor endorse, any specific person or business/organisation listed here-in. We have done our best to ensure all details here are correct at time of publishing them. If you or your business is listed here and you find that the contact details for you or your business/organisation are incorrect, please contact us with the correct details and they shall be amended/corrected. If you or your business/organisation provide a bono-fida Legal and or Advocacy service to ACC Claimants and are not listed here and wish to be, then please contact us. Disclaimer: ACCforum NZ does not in any way favour nor endorse any specific person or organization listed here. Please note: Listings appear in no specific order. This is a "Read Only" section.
  23. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/111154718/lifechanging-wheelchair-made-in-new-zealand-ready-for-world-market The hands-free, electric Omeo was developed by Kevin Halsall, and is now ready for world sales. The Omeo carries an international price of $17,000 USD and in New Zealand ACC would fund eligible applicants.
  24. 20 December 2018 ACC Board appointments announced Hon Iain Lees-Galloway ACC The Minister for ACC Iain Lees-Galloway today announced two new appointments to the Board of ACC. The new appointments commence 1 February 2019. Dr Tracey Batten has recently settled in New Zealand after spending three years in the UK as Chief Executive of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Prior to this Dr Batten held Chief Executive roles with three large health providers in Australia. She is a director of the Australian listed company Medibank and on the boards of Abano Healthcare and NIWA. “Dr Batten brings valuable experience in the health sector, medicine and rehabilitation to the board,” says Iain Lees-Galloway. John Brabazon is an executive director of Cavell Capital merchant bankers. He currently is a director of Dairy Farms NZ Ltd and was previously a director at Auckland International Airport and a number of companies including Hilton Haulage, Brierley Properties Ltd, Apparel Holdings Ltd, Downer Group, Wilson Neill Ltd, and Manukau City Investments. “The board will benefit from his in-depth experience in investment banking, financial markets and commercial governance to the board,” says Iain Lees-Galloway. Iain Lees-Galloway also confirmed the continuation of the terms of Chair Dame Paula Rebstock until December 2019, and directors Kristy McDonald (for six months) and James Miller for (two and a half years) staggered terms. “All are making a valuable contribution to the transformation of ACC and I appreciate their ongoing commitment. “I also would like to thank outgoing member Trevor Janes for his contribution to the ACC Board for the last six years and his nearly 20 years involvement with, and latterly Chairmanship of, the ACC Investment Committee,” says Iain Lees-Galloway. https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/acc-board-appointments-announced Other Press Releases from the Current Minister for ACC Hon Iain Lees-Galloway and or the Associate Minister for ACC Hon Peeni Henare https://www.beehive.govt.nz/portfolio/labour-led-government-2017-2020/acc Minister for ACC Hon Iain Lees-Galloway - https://www.beehive.govt.nz/minister/hon-iain-lees-galloway Associate Minister for ACC Hon Peeni Henare - https://www.beehive.govt.nz/minister/hon-peeni-henare
  25. silverfox

    test post

    yep hopefully this thread will get munted by those who can make that happen when that posting stuff some are having is fixed.
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