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Peer to Peer Support

This forum is dedicated to the memory of Ken "Tomcat" Miller R.I.P. who sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018.

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    This site has been established on the principles that everyone has an equal opportunity to have their say whether it be questions for purposes of help or answers for the purpose of helping.


    Claimants Lawyers, Advocates, Support People are also very welcome to be part of our community.

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    This website is here because a number of long time members of the ACCforum.org had had enough of what was going on at that .org forum. At the time, the domain name accforum.nz was available. So I registered it!


    Forum software (IP Board) v3 purchased.


    Hosting of the forum - Creative Web Solutionz - http://cws.net.nz/


    Installation of the forum software v3x, setup including colour scheme was done by Mark (Freefallnz) - Creative Web Solutionz - http://cws.net.nz/


    November 2018 Took ACCforum NZ offline.


    January 2019 latest version of the forum software installed by the software developers.

    Since the installation was completed I have been doing my best to do the setup like colours, where things go etc.


    April 2019 For a dyslectic person I was doing quite well but seem to have cocked up the editing of posts and members can't start topics. I'll give it another go.




    Updated without prior notice,

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