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Peer to Peer Support

ACC Claimants, Lawyers, Advocates & Support People, all helping each other.

Ken Miller (R.I.P.) "Tomcat" sadly passed away on Thursday 30th August 2018. ACCforum.nz is dedicated to the memory of Ken Miller. Rest in peace my friend.

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    50 People Dead in Christchurch

    This is NOT who we are! Our hearts go out to everyone effected by the terrorist attacks in Christchurch.


  1. General Forums

    1. General Lounge

      Mature and Robust discussions on a wide range of ACC topics.

    2. Off Topic

      Feel free to post and discus anything else unrelated to ACC here.

  2. ACC & Related Processes | Information

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    1. Our Stories about NZ ACC

      Everyone that has had ACC involved within their lives, directly or indirectly, has a story to tell.

    2. Review & Mediation Hearing process

      Information about the ACC Review and Mediation Process - Review Hearings - Role Of The Reviewer - Fairway (formerly DRSL) Reviews (which lead to Appeals) - Mediation

    3. District Court ACC Appeals Process

      Information about the ACC Appeal Process through the District Court.

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    4. Injuries and Medical

      Information about injuries and medical conditions: Medical Error - Head Injuries - Medical Misdiagnosis - Medical Misadventure - Myodil / Arachnoiditis - Spine and Back problems and more

    5. ACC Legislation

      Topics you should read to be fully informed about ACC and related legislation - know your rights:

    6. ACC Judgements & Case law

      Court judgements for you to refer to: Claim Cover Judgements - Entitlements Judgements - Legislation Judgements = Work Capacity Judgements = Winz / MSD Judgements = IRD / TRA Judgements

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    7. Official Information Requests

      Official Information Requests made by ACCforum.nz or by others. Some information has been sourced from other websites, one in particular being FYI.org.nz

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    8. Human Rights

      Topics and information relating to Human Rights issues. Violation Of Human Rights - New Zealand Bill Of Rights Act 1990

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